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NOAA Fisheries 2017 Science Program Reviews: Economic and Human Dimension Science

2017 Program Review
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HIGH QUALITY SCIENCE is fundamental to NOAA as a science-based agency. NOAA Fisheries conducts objective peer reviews of scientific activities in major programs at its Science Centers on a regular basis using agreed-upon criteria. The purpose of the reviews is to maximize the transparency and effectiveness of major science programs located at the six Science Centers as well as those located in or coordinated through NMFS Headquarters.

In 2017, the objectives of these reviews are to examine and evaluate our science programs conducting research on the impacts of management actions and providing science advice that informs polices to maximize societal benefits from ocean and coastal ecosystems. At the Alaska Fisheries Science Centerís 2017 review, an independent review panel will learn about the economic and human dimension science information needs, priorities, and research activities that are relevant to current programs. The review panel will consider materials provided by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center and will provide input on ways to improve the quality of these critical science programs. 

To conduct the reviews, a panel of experts in the topic area who are not associated with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center was selected.  During a week-long review, the panel of reviewers will see presentations and have time to discuss the state of the science with management and staff, take public comments, and prepare individual review reports and recommendations.

Invitation from Doug DeMaster


  • When: July 17-20, 2017

  • Where: Traynor Seminar Room - Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Building 4, NOAA Western Regional Campus, Seattle, Wa (see map)

  • What to do when you arrive : Visitors need to check-in with Security at the campus' main gate and in the lobby of Building 4. You will need valid photo identification for these processes. Security guards at the main gate will provide a visitor parking pass for your vehicle, and guards in the lobby of Building 4 will issue you a visitor badge. An Alaska Fisheries Science Center staff member will be available to escort you from the lobby to the Traynor Room.

  • Join by WebEx or Teleconference: please RSVP to or

Meeting Materials

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